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Tack+ Managed Service

Sign up for our Tack+ Managed Service and let us help you increase your website's potential. Forget about all the time consuming maintenance tasks associated with running a successful website and focus your efforts on growing your business.

Traditional websites are managed by many different individuals and companies whose areas of expertise vary depending on the website's specific needs. The downfall to this model is the headache of trying to keep everyone in sync and maintaining communications between the various parties involved. Not to mention having to remember all the different phone numbers and email addresses for each contact.

Our model is simple— ONE contact for all your website needs.

With the Tack+ Managed Service you get a dedicated expert engineer whose job is to monitor your site's health and resolve any issues that arise, and more importantly prevent problems from ever occurring in the first place. Furthermore, your engineer will watch over your site's productivity and work with you on the best ways to:

  • increase sales
  • simplify information retrieval
  • drive more traffic to your website, and
  • satisfy your customers

Tackhosting's managed service offering provides administration, maintenance, and support for your website and all of its supporting elements. These services typically include:

  • making regular updates to your website in order to keep the content fresh for your viewers
  • advanced monitoring of statistical information to gauge various marketing strategies and their effectiveness as well as your website's traffic patterns.
  • continuous search engine optimization revisions to achieve optimal search engine rankings

In addition, our Tack+ service includes the management of various elements such as:

  • email configurations
  • DNS records
  • domain registrars
  • search engine submission
  • ad campaigns

All of which are critical to the success of your website.

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